Advertise Only

Our Advertise only service is aimed at landlords that want to and enjoy controlling and running their own rental properties. For a one off, small, upfront fee we can advertise your property for as long as it takes to find you a suitable tenant. This service is a cost effective option for landlords and it aims to give you the best possible exposure for your property at a low cost.

Similar to advertising in a newspaper, we will put your advert up with your contact number and prospective tenants will then contact you directly to arrange viewings. This leaves you in full control to decide which applicants would suit you and your property best.

Unlike newspaper advertising, with this service you can provide photos and you are not charged per word so you can describe your property in great detail. Your descriptions can be as long or as short as you like and you can use up to 10 different photos. Ideally you can email or bring in your marketing photos to our office or alternatively, for a small fee we can visit your property and take high quality photos for you.

Your property will be advertised to all your potential tenants via our 1 Stop Lettings website, our prominent shop window on Terrace Road, various websites like Facebook, Rentright, Globrix, Mykeys, and many others  also on our weekly mailing list and your property details will be handed out to applicants who visit our shop.

With all of the above available for a small, one off payment this service is an invaluable tool for self-managing, independent landlords.

Why not combine this service with another of our Pick and Mix services? For a small additional fee we can create a tenancy agreement for you. This will ensure your tenancy starts on a good legal point from the outset, thus preventing any issues arising in the future.


street view of the 1 stop lettings office