Pick and Mix

We at 1 Stop Lettings understand that some landlords want to - and enjoy - managing a property themselves. As such work can be at times difficult and time consuming, you might wish to select (Pick & Mix) some of our services that you feel would support you in managing property lettings yourself.

It is our aim is to be flexible to meet your particular needs, and you can ‘pick-and-mix’ the services that you feel would best support you with your property letting.

A comprehensive list is outlined in our Fully Managed Letting Service. Included below are a few of our commonly selected items of ‘Pick & Mix’ services:

1 stop lettings office


Given the ‘deposit regulation’ the only way you can guarantee getting all the dilapidation monies you’re entitled to, is to have a good inventory and schedule of condition for your property. 1 Stop Lettings’ Inventory & Schedule of Condition Reports comprehensively report on all fixtures, fittings and furnishings - including the condition of everything listed. In addition, we provide numerous photographs taken during the preparation of the Inventory to support the Schedule of Condition Report.


1 Stop Lettings offer periodic inspections. For example, we visit the property mid-way through tenancy. Using the Inventory & Schedule of Condition Report created at start of tenancy, we can provide you with a report about to how the property is being maintained and kept. 1 Stop Lettings provide this essential service to enable remote landlords to stay in close control of their property.

Promotion and advertising

1 Stop Lettings can offer a promotion and advertising service to landlords who manage their own properties. This service gives you access to registered applicants and tenants for your property. It includes window displays in our high profile, well-placed Aberystwyth Office. Plus your property will be advertised on our website giving you access to a wider range of potential tenants than local newspaper advertising alone. If you provide us with the description you want and the photos you want us to use, we can create your advert for you.

Agreement Service

1 Stop Lettings can offer an agreement service for you; we can select and draw up a suitable tenancy agreement for you. This will ensure your tenancy is set up on a good legal standpoint from the beginning.

Rent collection

Rent collection can be time consuming and costly, even if all goes well.  For example, chasing late payments (or even non-payments) with telephone calls and letters can quickly eat into your time and income – and can make property management a headache. Here at 1 Stop Lettings we can address these commitments and tasks for you, freeing you up to do more of the other property management tasks you prefer, and helping to keep your cash flow ‘flowing’.

Please contact us for further details.


Endsleigh Landlords Insurance


After consultations with landlords who primarily deal with young professionals and student tenants, Endsleigh has drawn together their established expertise alongside the needs of landlords to create an exclusive insurance policy. Their comprehensive and competitively priced policy has been specifically designed for the specialist landlords’ needs as well as offering a monthly premium option. Click here for an Endsleigh Landlords Insurance Quotation.

Endsleigh are now able to bring you special legal expenses and rent guarantee insurance. Make sure your rental income is protected - Endsleigh's policy provides legal defence, legal prosecution and rent arrears cover. Choose the most appropriate cover for you, with 6 and 12 month policies available. Click here to get an immediate quote and cover today!